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Published Works

If I've written it, you'll find it in my archive, republished in glorious black and tan. Sample my work for magazines, newspapers, and the Internet in two ways:

  1. Do a keyword search on a topic, name, or publication;
  2. Click on one of the archival categories on the left to see a list of clickable headlines in that grouping;
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Any route you chose, you'll be able to browse some of the varied topics I've covered in more than a decade of reporting.

Travel and Leisure

First Minnesota, then Puerto Rico— I guess you could say I'm into extremes. Thankfully, both locations make for great stories and reading. Learn all about frost bites and blizzards in this comical look at frigid weather and then get a little tropical and discover why corporations like to getaway to Puerto Rico.

IT Case Studies

If technology could give you an 800 percent RIO or improve spend data, wouldn't you want to know about it? CIOs and other executive types do, as evidenced by the popularity of these stories and ones about Bayer CropScience AG and HBO.


There's no dearth of interesting things to say about technology careers. From the career piece about the sysadmin at the South Pole to a more serious study about the IT job market in 2003 (for ComputerUser), these articles demonstrate an expertise in writing about IT careers.

Hard News

Hard-hitting political reporting sometimes brings with it a boisterous amount of controversy. This article critical of Minneapolis' Department of Civil Rights certainly created a great deal of public interest and was the first published that shined a light on the department's ineptitudes.

Executive Management

Recruiting a staff can be hard enough, but execs need to learn how to retain them and, sometimes, reallocate them. My work for executive management audiences quotes from heavy hitters such as Carlson Companies' chairman and CEO Marilyn Carlson Nelson and Qualcomm, among others.

Arts and Entertainment

Promoting the likes of Bill T. Jones, David Byrne, and Mark Morris at Walker Art Center, I discovered a new world— the world as seen by artists. This piece on Shawn McConneloug, a virtually unknown, yet astonishingly original dance talent shares space with a cover article I penned for City Pages on the death of Film in the Cities— an institution that succumbed to the changing winds of technology and philanthropy.

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